Review // The Shadow Queen by C. J. Redwine

Book Review

An author of this book retells a Snow White story in an amazing fantasy world of magic.

Lorelai Diederich, crown princess of Ravenspire after the death of her father runs away from the castle and wicked queen Irina, together with her younger brother and guardian Gabriel. They are hiding for years so the queen doesn’t know they are still alive. Princess practices her magic abilities to win her throne back and bring the light back to her country in the future. Everything complicates when she meets the king of Eldr on her way. She helps him once but their paths cross many times later in a way she would never imagine. It forces the princess to stand up to queen faster than she thought.

The story itself differs from the original story of Snow White. The princess of Ravenspire is a very strong heroine that is able to sacrifice her life for a better future of her people and family. She is not a typical princess who is waiting for a prince to save her. She is fighting by herself and try to keep save people she cares about. She lost a lot but instead of letting herself down, she keeps going to reach her goal for them.

The king of Eldr is also an interesting character in this book. He changed very quickly from a rich, spoiled kid into the real king who is ready to die for his people. He is different from his friends. You can see it already during his first meeting with Lorelai. His good heart just keeps pushing him into troubles, which lead him to do things he would never do.

I would highly recommend it to people who still are a fan of classic fairy tales or Disney. I’m glad that each book tells a different story because this story had a nice ending and I think it would be too much to expand it for another book. I can’t wait to read the next book. I didn’t check what it is about so it will be a surprise for me.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Her skin was as white as snow, her lips as red as blood, and her long hair as black as ebony.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most powerful of them all?

You don’t go into battle because you’re sure of victory. You go into battle because it’s the right thing to do.

I believe in you, and I’ve fought for you, because in a world full of people who crumble before an evil too terrifying to comprehend, you put up your fists and fight.

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Review // The Heart of Stone by Ben Galley

Book Review

First, when I sat down and started to read this book I thought that I don’t think I will like this book. It’s a completely different type I usually read and the language was harder to understand as English is not my mother tongue. With time I forgot about all of it and let the story to take me a long way to Hartlund, where war doesn’t see its end.

The civil war lasts a long time without a sign of the winner from any side until one of the armies buys a Golem into their forces. His master felt already a victory in the air. Thank him they won each bottle without any problems on the way. Beside of the unbelievable strength and indestructibility that differs him from other magic creatures, a Golem named Task could speak, think and feel. He knew what is right and wrong but tried to hide it and carry out each task given by his master. Everyone thought about him as a brainless and dangerous monster, while he was much smarter than anyone within this army concluding his master. He had a big heart as he just wanted to stop all of these nonsense bloodbaths which people continue through hundreds of years to make this world safer for people he cares about.

While everyone was scared of him and tried to avoid him as much as possible, there was a young girl Lesky who found him interesting. She kept coming to him and tried to build a bond with him. Golem tried to push her away until he found out that the friendship with her is a miracle. Their friendship was stronger and stronger with each day what feared the most. He didn’t want to bring danger to her life because of who he was. He’d do everything to keep her safe and he proved it many times.

A story is full of action, dedication, emotions, betrayal, and loss. Two armies with the reason to fight is a better future, are controlled and manipulated by one person who changes completely the course of events however she/he wants.

When I was reading this book I couldn’t stop thinking about how people are ruthless and mindless. Money and victory are much more important than human lives for them. They killed so many just to prove that they are right.

The friendship between Task and Lesky is honestly the best thing in this book. I love how they connect and care about each other. She is his priority and even if he needs to choose between her safety and orders, he will always choose her. Their bound is powerful and unbreakable. Unfortunately, people around him see it as well and they use it for their own privilege.

Rate: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Favorite Quotes

I’ve been shot at, hacked at, pummelled with catapult-stones, doused in flaming oil, tipped into drowning-pits, even covered by a landslide. I’ve seen every kind of violence humans know how to wreak, and I have learnt that you are creatures beyond cruel, beyond vengeful, beyond dishonest. So, yes, Knight. You are all villains in my mind.

People don’t like the reflection of what I am to them. I may be different, all stone and dust instead of skin and blood. But they still see themselves. Copied. Faked in stone. They see their Architect’s work in something that isn’t flesh, and they can’t help but be offended by it, scared by it. Fear breeds hate.

Task knew all about skinbags and their money. There was pointless lunacy in the metal of coins, capable of driving a man to evil. He had often wondered why they simply didn’t manufacture more of it, and make everybody happier in the process.

I highly recommend this book to all people that like to read fantasy, mystery and meaningful books. This review was written for a blog tour of Ben Galley books. I would like to thank @TheWriteReads to invite me to take part in this project. I love the book and very enjoyed the writing style of the author. Check out other reviews of the Ultimate Blog Tour, you can find them on twitter under hashtag #Ultimateblogtour.

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Review // Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

Warning: It’s a third book of the Throne of Glass series. If you didn’t read first two books, I recommend to do not read this review.

Book Review

As Celeana was sent by the king to Wendelyn, after some time she was found by a Fae prince called Rowan. He took her to her Aunt Meave, queen of Doranelle right away. Celeana let him do it because of her hope to find more information about the Wyrdkeys. She knew it won’t be too easy. She heard stories about her aunt and there was no even one promising. As they arrived, Meave offered her that she will give her information only if she will learn how to use her power. She ordered Rowan to train her in the city of demi-fae. As Celaena didn’t have a choice, she stayed and tried to accomplish her part of a bargain.

When Celaena left, Chaol continues her work as promised and tries to find more information about a king, his magic and wyrdkeys. His relationship with Dorian is broken and he tries to stay away. Moreover, he helps rebels to gain more knowledge so together with their queen Aelin, they will be able to stand up to the king.

The ending of the book isn’t an ending, it’s the beginning of the story. When I read the last 60 pages I felt like the ending will be huge and on the one hand, but on the other, the only thing you want to do is buying the book to know what will happen next. Sarah J. Maas knows how to play on our feelings and keep us interested in reading the following books. I’m so happy I already bought The Queen of Shadows. Another way I would need to wait and die here from curiosity. 

I don’t want to describe this book more because I would just spoil all the most important things that happen so I will just stop right here. We meet new characters in this book like Aedion, Sorsha, and Rowan.

Rowan is a fae Prince who is ordered to train Celaena. Personally, I started to like him after half of the book or even later. Everyone can agree. Later one when he and Celaena became friends, I think no one deserves her friendship more than him. He is the one who helps her to recover after Nehemia’s death.

Aedion is a cousin of Aelin (Celaena). Through all these years he is lying to a king of Adarlan he is on his side, but he’s helping rebels to stand up and get their country back. Together with people from Terassen, he is waiting for Aelin to come back and lead them to war and a better future.

Sorsha is a healer that helped Celaena, Dorian, and Chaol every time when they got injured and didn’t tell a word to her supervisors. She gets closer with Dorian when Celaena left the country and Chaol get more distant. She is the only person who stayed and supports him whatever will happen and how much it will cost her.

Rate: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Favorite Quotes

She was the heir of ash and fire, and she would bow to no one.

You cannot pick and choose what parts of her to love.

I claim you, Rowan Whitethorn. I don’t care what you say and how much you protest. I claim you as my friend.

…her dearest friends are characters in books.

The people you love are just weapons that will be used against you.

Witches didn’t need blood to survive, but humans didn’t need wine, either.

I wish you to become who you ­were born to be. To become queen.

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Review // Don’t Ever Tell by Lucy Dawson

Book Review

Charlotte is an author, wife, and mother of two beautiful kids. Her life looks like a dream. Handsome and successful husband, a job she loves and wonderful house. Everything is going well until one of her book tours in Edinburgh where she met Mia, the girl that looks almost like her in her twenties. After few years Mia appears in her life again as she is a client of her sister. The day when she found out the truth about her it completely changes her life.

Mia is a young actress who tries her best in show business world, which can be more complicated as we think it is. She tries hard to expend her career even if people are coming to her life and complicate everything. As her job brings a lot of stress to her life and also the fact that she was adopted leads her to attend therapy.

Paths of these two women cross each other when Charlotte appears on one of the performances of Mia’s and offer her a very valuable deal which can help her career. She didn’t know that both of them were connected and all of this is just a game.

As I started reading this book I couldn’t put down not even because of the story but the writing style of the author. At the beginning of the book, nothing special happens but it’s written so well that you just keep reading as long as you can. The story itself is unique, unpredictable and shocking. I read the last 100 pages on one breath without any breaks and distractions. Each piece of the story I didn’t notice before, made the whole sense of the events that happened. Everything that happened was so perfectly planned and connected that no one would imagine that it will end like this.

I wasn’t a fan of Charlotte, I felt like she is completely broken inside. Her thoughts and behavior made me wonder what pushes her to it. I had a few alternatives of the moment that completely changed her and any of them was true. However, Mia, in my opinion, was the victim of the revenge plan. She didn’t do anything wrong. She was leaving her own life, trying to reach her dream job and be loved by her family and boyfriend. She didn’t deserve to be a part of it. Honestly, I’d never guess the ending of this book and I’m glad I didn’t. It made this book even more worth reading because of it.

Nothing breaks like a heart

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I would like to thank NetGalley, Lucy Dawson and the publisher for the advanced reader copy of this book. It was a perfect read for the after exams days when you just want to lay down and forget about the world.

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Review // Almost Adults by Ali Pantony

Book review

The first thought that comes to my mind after finishing this book is that I’m completely impressed. I got interested in this book because of the amazing cover it has but the insight is just one hundred better.

Book describes the life of four girls that calls themselves ‘MEAN girls’ and it’s not because there are similar to the girls from the movie, it is because of the first letter of their names: M for Mackie, E for Edele, A for Alex and N for Natasha. All of them are struggling with their own problems and adults life. The bad breakup, loss of the job, insecurity of the relationship and going through interviews during the hunt of a new job are sitting on their minds and changing their lives from day to day but as they stick together everything becomes easier. Their bond is unbreakable and stronger than anything. They are not only best friends, but they are also sisters. Even if any conflict will appear on their way they will go through it and forget about it right away. They are always there for each other no matters what and where they are.

I think it’s a good time to introduce you to the main characters:
Mackie is very organized and most mature from the whole group. She’s the one who is waking up early just to go for a run, run healthy and thinks more about the future than the current situation she is in.
Edele is a totally opposite type of person than Mackie is. She is easy-going, spontaneous and unorganized with her life. On the other hand, she is very caring and would do everything for the people she loves.
Alex is the mix of them both. It looks like she got her life together and she has everything in her life that makes her happy but she always thinks that something is lucking there. I think that she is a very insecure person who is scared of the future and scared of loss.
Natasha goes through a lot and we can see a few of her faces. She’s going throw different phases like depression, burnout, anxiety but also building her life again, starting new routines, getting confidence and self-love.

The main thing I loved about this book is how real it is. There are no unbelievable miracles that happen in movies or most of the books. Everything that happens in this girls life is their work nothing comes from the air. They are working for it and try to reach their own goals. When I was reading this book I was thinking that this book will be very predictable but honestly, almost nothing happened that I thought will happen. It was such nice for a chance to read a book like this.

Another huge advantage of this book is a sense of humor. I honestly don’t remember when I laughed that much. I’d possibly give this book 5 stars only because it was so hilarious. I have never marked as many quotes in the book as I did in this one. Even now if I go through it and choose the random situation I’m sure I will start to laugh after reading it.

I would like to thank so much Ali Pantony and Ebury Publishing for sending me this copy and for giving me a chance of being a part of this blog tour! I was more than happy to read and review this book.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Favorite Quotes

No matter how many to-do lists I write, how many spin classes I attend or how many superfood stews I cook for the week, there’s still an undeniable insecurity that comes with being a woman in your twenties.

I haven’t got a clue how to bleed radiators… Seriously, I’m a pathetic excuse of a grown-up.

If I’m going to do this whole “getting my life together” thing, I should probably order a healthy tea

Sometimes I’m grown-up enough to not drink or smoke on a school night… sometimes I’m not.

I love it when you talk to me about stuff you’re passionate about. Because it makes you happy. And I want you to be happy because I love you, Al. So, if Lenin makes you happy, you can chat to me about Lenin all night. Okay?

And Jesus, Nat, really? Your answer to: “You should *not* go out with me if…” is: “You don’t know the difference between ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re”?’

‘Well, yeah. I don’t want to date a dumbass.’

You’re not telling me this because you care about me. You’re telling me to try and ease your own shame, so you can forgive yourself for the damage you’ve caused and move on with your life. You’re telling me because you are a weak, selfish, worthless man, and you need my permission to feel okay again.

I’ve always remembered the date because it was the day you changed my life for ever, Al.

This isn’t a film, it’s real life, and if I chuck my tea over his shirt, he’ll probably think I’m a clumsy bitch send me the dry-cleaning bill and never speak to me again.

Everything is changing, but you three will always be my exploding ants.

It’s like the highest point of my day has gone, seeing you.

I know that’s a lot of quotes but I really want to share with you all my favorite ones. I actually had more but they are to long to put them in there. You will what am I talking about when you will read a book.

That’s all from me. I hope you enjoyed my post! Check out other reviews of this blog tour as well to learn more about book!

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Four book series that made me fall in love with reading

The Ruby Red Trilogy by Kerstin Gier

I was 14 years old when I met two girls that were completely in love with books. We became friends and they introduced me to ‘The Ruby Red Trilogy’. I spent three or four days on reading all three of them, day and night. I don’t remember how I did it since now it’s hard for me to stay longer than 2 a.m. because I’m already falling asleep. It was the first time that I got into another world, lived someone else lives and didn’t want to get out. I read it again after five or six years and it had the same effect on me so I highly recommend this book if you haven’t read it yet.

The books describe the life of 16-year-old Gwendolyn Shepherd (Gwyneth in some countries) who lives in the shadow of her cousin Charlotte who has always been destined to have inherited the time travel gene that is passed down through the females in their family. Surprisingly, Gwen is the one who suddenly without any training jumps through time.

I would talk a lot about this book and all the events that happen there but I don’t want to spoil it to you before you will read it. I love the love plot in this book and Gideon de Villiers will always stay in my heart as one of the favorite books characters.

Short anecdote: This book is written by German author and the movie adaptation of this book is originally also in German. I moved to Germany four years ago and after three years I’ve written a final exams in German to graduate high school there. I didn’t speak German before I moved there so I studied a lot to finish the school as soon as possible and I achieved my goal. Unfortunately, my German wasn’t as fluent as other people in my class that was born there so to prepare myself for the German final I was watching all the movies and read these books.

If we were in a film, the villain would turn out to be the least-expected person. But as we aren’t in a film, I’d go for the character who tried to strangle you.

Ready when you are.

The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

When I was younger I was a huge fan of vampires stories. I watched all seasons of The Vampire Diaries and all movies of Twilight so when my friends borrowed me this book I started to read immediately and got into it very quickly. This book had such a great sense of humor. I was laughing, crying and rereading the best parts many times. The main character Rose is such a badass, strong and confident that even if she made a lot of big mistakes, she was still someone I look up to. I think that everyone does mistakes but the most important part of it is what you learn from them and she was a great example of it. She works hard for her future and motivates herself to be better to show everyone that everything is possible. Moreover, the way she cares about people she loves and would do everything for them is her biggest attribute.

Rose Hathaway is a young dhampir who is trained to become a guardian of her best friend Moroi princess Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir. The story begins outside the academy where girls are hiding from the guardians and lives on their own after running away two years earlier. They are caught and brought back by Dimitri Belikov and his team of guardians. As Lissa is a princess, she didn’t meet bigger consequences of her behavior, while Rose under the custody of Dimitri needs to take an additional guardian training to keep up to all the students. Girls have a unique bond between them so Rose is still assigned to become Lissa’s guardian and to protect her from the Strigoi. As everyone thinks the academy is the safest place for the young vampires, they don’t suspect that their enemies are closer than they think.

Only a true best friend can protect you from your immortal enemies.

The only thing better than imagining Dimitri carrying me in his arms was imagining him shirtless while carrying me in his arms.

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

I think I’m not the only person who as a teenager fell in love with these books. I’m still a huge fan of Cassandra Clare and read almost all of the books she wrote. I remember that first time when I got this book I hated the cover so I didn’t even want to start reading it. I’m really glad they changed the covers through the years because the one I borrowed from my friend was awful. I read the first book in one day. Again spent the whole school day and night reading it (I really have no idea how I functioned back then, I didn’t need sleep at all). The story was very unique for me at this time. The characters were built very precisely and each of them played a huge part in the story. The thing I still love in Cassandra Clare’s books is that all of them create one magical world and their story never ends. Every character has a chance to tell  its story and we have the chance to know more and more about them in each book, even if they are not the main characters. I was so happy when they announced that the movie will be produced and the Lily Collins was casted to play Clary Fray. It was so exciting to see it and the movie itself came out so good. It still hurts that they didn’t produce another movies and instead produced the tv show, which in my opinion is incomparable.

The story begins when Clary Fray and her friend Simon Lewis decides to go to the club where she become a witness of a murder. The odd thing is that she was the only person in the club that was able to see it. Clary meets Jace who was the one she saw in the club who killed a man. He tells her a story about a secret world of shadowhunters and downworlders and demons. Only people with angelic blood are able to see this world and she is one of them. Everything complicates when she got back home after emergency call from her mom and finds whole apartment in ruin and no mark of her mother. Together with Jace Wayland and other shadowhunters from the New York institute she tries to find her and get back home.

The boy never cried again, and he never forgot what he’d learned: that to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed.

It’s your gift, to see the beauty and the horror in ordinary things. It doesn’t make you crazy, just different.

The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan

I think this was the last series of all I got recommended from my friends. At first I wasn’t convinced by description. It just looked like not a type of book I would like. Especially when you had to read a book a check meaning of half of the words at the end of the book. Now that’s the best part of it because you can completely feel the vibe of the book and the world inside. I got through two first books in few days but when I was reading the last book I couldn’t put it down. I read all 700 pages in one day during the Christmas break. I think it was right before or after the Christmas Eve so I guess I completely ignored my family and whole celebration, closed myself in the room and kept reading it. Well, it was worth it. The funniest thing is that I don’t really remember what happened in this book. I remember the main plot and name of the heroine but that’s all. I remember better which songs I listened during this time, and now every time I listen to these songs it reminds me about this book. I definitely need to reread it.

The story of Sonea a girl living in slums who tries to live in the world under the rule of magicians. Her life changes when she discovers that she possesses the same precious power and even more strength of an average magician. The problem appears when the magicians guild wants to find her. She tries to avoid them as long as possible because she thinks they want to kill them, while in reality, they want to bring her in to teach her to control her powers.   

It is said, in Imardin, that the wind has a soul, and that it wails through the narrow streets because it is grieved by what it finds there.

How am I going to make friends with these people if all I can think of is how easy it would be to rob them?

What are the books that made you to love reading?

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Review // Crown Of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

Warning: If you didn’t read Throne Of Glass yet, don’t read this review. Many spoilers will be included.


In this part of the story, Celaena becomes King’s Champion. She receives orders from the kind with the list of traitors to kill. As the story begins everyone might think that Celaena completely lost her kindness and humanity as she became a murderer. It’s such a relief when it comes out that the only thing she’s doing is helping these people to leave as far as they can to be free from the king’s threats. Everything is going smoothly until her old friend Archer occurs on the list.

As in the first book Celaena’s love story with Dorian ends, here Chaol takes over the lead. Their relationship flies high with the time they get to know each other better. They are starting to think more seriously about their future. Both of them are ready to sacrifice everything for each other. Then, suddenly everything falls apart. There is no help to repair what they lost that night. There is no coming back to times where everything was about love. Trust was broken.

Celaena starts to concentrate now on the mystery plans of the king, and a riddle hidden in the castle. With the information she collected, everything looks clearer now. Her eagerness of solving the clue brings around her a lot of danger. As she cut Chaol completely from her life, Dorian is the only one who’s around her at this time. They are both in a need of someone close and with each other help, they are feeling better each day.

The ending of the book is definitely shocking. Honestly, I was reading it so fast that I didn’t even have time to blink. I’m glad that my roommate was asleep, I’d probably scared her as I looked like a maniac reading it with an open mouth. It was a perfect ending for this part of the story. I just wanted to scream ‘THAT’S MY GIRL’ with each upcoming information about our heroine. Even if this book started to irritate me in between, the ending just saved it and completed the story.

A lot of things changed in this book. As I completely adored Celaena and Chaol in the first book, they became a little bit annoying in this one. Celaena cared more about herself and her relationship than anything else. When Nehemia was her biggest supporter, I cannot say the same about the main character. Moreover, she promised friendship to Dorian right after she won a fight with Cain, and now she just started to ignore him and left him alone. On the other hand, she fixed everything in the end so it can be her forgiven. However, Chaol is another part of the story. I just don’t like him and his appearance annoys me every time I read his name. He changed a lot or we just didn’t know much about him in Throne Of Glass. What I don’t like in him the most is that he thinks he always knows better. He knows everything better than Celaena and Dorian but if it comes to the king, he’s like his little, scared puppy. I’m sorry but I just can’t stand his attitude.

My thoughts (Warning: Huge spoilers)

Okay, let’s talk about the moment when Nehemia died. Am I the only one who thought everything is arranged? I wasn’t even crying when Celaena found her dead because I was sure she is alive. Don’t ask me why I don’t know. It was just impossible to kill such a great character. I’m still very disappointed that it’s the ending of her story. She deserved much better and much more.

Another aspect I would like to talk about is Dorian and his powers. I was so happy to find out that he wasn’t forgotten and pushed back after the first book. His story just begins and I’m sure he will show how great a character he is in the next book. Now he finally can show everyone (especially his dad and Chaol) how powerful he is and that he is the one who can change the whole game. I’m so excited about it and I just can’t wait to find out how his journey will develop.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Favorite Quotes

The best lies were always mixed with truth

“Why are you crying?”
“Because,” she whispered, her voice shaking, “you remind me of what the world ought to be. What the world can be.”

But death was her curse and her gift, and death had been her good friend these long, long years.

“Who said anything about shame?” She gestured down to her naked body, even though it was covered by the blanket. “Honestly, I’m surprised you’re not strutting about, boasting to everyone. I certainly would be if I’d tumbled me
“Does your love for yourself know no bounds?”
“Absolutely none.”

Some things you hear with your ears. Others, you hear with your heart

To escape death, she’d become death.

I’m more busy at the moment because of the coming final exams. I spend a lot of time on preparing materials and studying so I’m not as active as I was before. I’m so happy that the first year at this university is almost over.

I hope you liked mine review!

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Love, Karolina