ARC Review // How the Light Gets In by Katy Upperman

Book Review

The book about a seventeen-year-old Callie who lives in Seattle together with her parents. After the tragic death of her younger sister, Chloe, Callie couldn’t find her place in the world and live the life she had until this moment. She gave up on all her dreams and goals. She gave up all her friends, school, swimming, and her old life away. Her parents couldn’t accept the fact that their little daughter died. Her mother started to drink and completely distance herself from them. Callie instead of alcohol used weed to handle the pain and guilt she felt. 

Her dad couldn’t tolerate it anymore. When the summer came, he gave her to choose between a Montana wilderness camp for troubled teens or summer in Bell Cove with her Aunt Lucy. The camp wasn’t an option, so despite the circumstances of her sister’s death she chose summer with her aunt. The purpose of it is to help her aunt in the renovation of her house, but for her dad, it is for her to recover. It wasn’t an easy task for her to go back to the place where she lost her sister. She had a problem with sleeping and communicating with her aunt. In the first week, she meets Tucker, who is working for Lucy and taking care of the yard. Callie from the beginning tried to keep him on distance but with time it was harder than she thought it might be. 

Besides arguments between Callie and her aunt, everything went smoothly but only until weird things started to happen. Someone was watching her and playing with her. It started with open doors but later on her sister’s belongings suddenly appeared in her room. There were two possibilities for how to explain this: the house is haunted or her sister tried to communicate her. 

Another book and another wonderful story. The main character Callie is a wreck when we first meet her. She doesn’t feel a need to continue the life she used to live. She is surrounded by guilt and pain. The only thing she wanted was to go back in time and stop her sister from running away. At first, she cannot see her dad’s purpose of sending her away, but with the time she recovers. Work with her aunt and spending time with Tucker. Callie is a very complex character. It’s difficult to understand her way of thinking and her choices. Besides all her mistakes I like her, she is a strong girl and even if it’s hard; she fights to win her life back. Love helped her with it. 

This story is heartbreaking but also beautiful. It shows that our life doesn’t end when the tragedy happens; We still have a chance to live our life even if it’s hard. There is always someone who will bring light to our life. We just need to let someone help us and let the light in. 

Rate: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I was supposed to mark my favorite quotes from the book but I read the book so fast that I completely forgot about it. It’s not a bad thing because it shows that the book was really good. I have some teasers for you instead.

I would like to thank FFBC, NetGalley and Swoon Reads for including me in this blog tour and giving me a chance to read this amazing book!

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